Annual Income Re-Exam

Regulations require that the Section 8 office re-examine income and family composition each year. Due to heavy workloads, it is strongly encouraged that appointments not be changed unless it is an emergency or the tenant is scheduled to work during appointment time. For those who are employed, this agency does not encourage you to take off work to attend this appointment, but does encourage the tenant to schedule vacation time or lunch breaks to attend re-examination appointment if necessary. Failure to keep scheduled appointment without contacting the Section 8 office could result in termination of Section 8 Housing assistance.

The Authority’s reexamination procedures are as follows:

  1. The re-examinations are performed 2 months prior to the actual anniversary the tenants’ admission to program.
  2. Re-examination appointment letters along with a Personal Declaration are mailed to tenants 10 days in advance of their scheduled re-exam appointment.
  3. Re-exams are performed at the Section 8 office located at 111 South Adams Street, Henderson, KY 42420.
  4. Tenant is mailed copies of the Totals sheet and Lease Amendment reflecting changes to their rent payment amount based on the information provided during the annual re-examination.

The following are items that need to be brought in to the Section 8 office at the time of the re-examination appointment:

  • All members of the household 18 and older must be present for scheduled re-examination appointment.
  • Personal Declaration Form (Attached to appointment letter): This must be filled out completely and signed before the scheduled re-examination appointment.
  • Last bank statement for all checking and savings accounts regardless of balance.
  • Proof of asset income. (Certificates of Deposits, dividends from stocks or savings bonds.)
  • Verification of property owned or has been sold within the past two years.
  • Name and address of child care provider.
  • Divorce decree if divorced within past two years.
  • Verification of Child Support received from County Attorney. (Need documentation reflecting the previous six months of support paid.) If child support is received directly from other sources, you must provide name, address and telephone number of person providing support.
  • If you receive KTAP or Food Stamps, this office will request verification directly from Family Support office.
  • If you are elderly or disabled: Bring in proof of monthly out of pocket medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. You are eligible for deductions ONLY if you are making monthly payments on medical bills.
  • If you are elderly or disabled: Bring in a print-out from pharmacy reflecting prescription drug expense for the past six months.
  • If you are elderly or disabled: If you pay health insurance premiums, bring in your payment book, canceled checks, or bank statements reflecting the payments being made.