Inspection Dates

Semi-Annual Inspections

January – Fagan/Dixon & Ingram Apartments, 423 South Ingram and 303/305 Fagan Street

February – No Inspections

March – Lawndale Apartments

April – Madison/8th Street and 740/750 Apartments

May – Dixon Apartments

June – 840 North Adams Apartments

July – Fagan/Dixon & Ingram Apartments, 423 South Ingram and 303/305 Fagan

August – No Inspections

September – Lawndale Apartments

October – Madison/8th Street and 740/750Apartments

November – Dixon Apartments

December – 840 North Adams Apartments

Public Housing
An adult family member should inspect the premises prior to commencement of occupancy. An authorized Housing Authority of Henderson representative will inspect the premises at the time the resident vacates and will furnish a statement of any charges to be made provided the resident turns in the proper notice as required in the dwelling lease. The resident’s security deposit and pet deposit, if applicable, will be used to offset against any resident charges or damages to the unit.

Move-In Inspections
The Housing Authority of Henderson provides a “Unit Inspection” sheet at the time of admissions and upon signing the dwelling lease. Any deficiencies found must be recorded on the Unit Inspection sheet and returned to the Housing Authority of Henderson office within two (2) weeks of admission.

Annual Inspections
The Housing Authority of Henderson will inspect each public housing unit semi-annually to ensure that each unit meets the Housing Authority of Henderson’s and HUD’s Uniform Physical Condition Standard (UPCS). Work orders will be submitted and completed to correct any deficiencies.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections
This is generally conducted along with but not limited to the semi-annual inspection. This inspection is intended to keep items in good repair. It checks weatherization; checks the condition of the smoke detectors, water heaters, furnaces, automatic thermostats, and water temperatures; checks for leaks; and provides an opportunity to change furnace filters and pest control provide other minor servicing that extends the life of the unit and its equipment.

Special Inspections
A special inspection may be scheduled to enable HUD or others to inspect a sample of the housing stock maintained by the Housing Authority of Henderson.

Housekeeping Inspections
Generally, during routine maintenance, or at other times as necessary, the Housing Authority of Henderson will conduct a housekeeping inspection to ensure the family is maintaining the unit in a safe and sanitary condition. This is normally done during the semi-annual inspections.

Notice of Inspections
For inspections defined as preventative maintenance inspections, special inspections, and housekeeping inspections the Housing Authority of Henderson will give the resident at least two (2) days written notice. For semi-annual inspections, a 14-day notice will be given.

Emergency Inspections
If any employee and/or agent of the Housing Authority of Henderson have reason to believe that an emergency exists within the housing unit, the unit can be entered without notice. The person(s) that enters the unit will leave a written notice to the resident that indicates the date and time the unit was entered and the reason why it was necessary to enter the unit.

Pre-Move-Out Inspections
When a resident gives notice that he/she, intend to move, the Housing Authority of Henderson will offer to schedule a pre-move-out inspection with the family. The inspection allows the Housing Authority of Henderson to help the family identify any problems, which, if left uncorrected, could lead to vacate charges. This inspection is a courtesy to the family and has been found to be helpful both in reducing costs to the family and in enabling the Housing Authority of Henderson to ready units more quickly for the future occupants.

Move-Out Inspections
The Housing Authority of Henderson conducts the move-out inspection after the resident vacates to assess the condition of the unit and determine responsibility for any needed repairs. This inspection becomes the basis for any claims that may be assessed against the security deposit.