Program Fraud

The Housing Authority of Henderson will follow up on all reported allegations regarding program abuse by residents, family participants and landlords, and will refer cases to the Kentucky State Office of the Inspector General, Division of Special Investigations or the Henderson County Attorney’s office when a criminal investigation is required.

What constitutes fraud? Here are a few examples:

* Family had additional occupants living in the home without approval from the Housing Authority.
* Family has undeclared income or assets.
* Family uses false document, (i.e., false birth certificates, social security numbers, marriage licenses).
* Family subleases all or part of the unit.
* Family owns or has interest in the unit.
* Unit is occupied by both the owner and family.
* Owner charges/collects additional payments not agreed upon in the lease.
* Owner knowingly accepts Housing Authority payments for a vacant unit.

In 2006, a family participant of the Section 8 program was sentenced to five years in jail and must pay back all money owed to the Housing Authority and other social service agencies for not reporting income or assets.

The Housing Authority understands and appreciates that the vast majority of tenants and owners do not abuse the program. However, because there are limited funds for housing assistance, the Housing Authority must ensure that these funds are being used ONLY by those who are legitimately eligible.

If you need to report suspected fraud, please call the Kentucky State Office of the Inspector General 1-800-372-2970 or the Housing Authority of Henderson at 1-270-827-1294.

All reports of fraud will be treated as unconfirmed allegations until they have been investigated and verified through independent sources. In most cases, verified fraud will result in termination of housing assistance and may lead to criminal prosecution.