Home Care Program

What is the Home Care program?
The Home Care Program is a program that is designed to help residents keep their apartments clean and neat and in compliance with the Housing Authority’s Lease Agreement.

How is a resident referred to the Home Care Program?
A referral is sent to the Project Manager as a result of a semi-annual inspection or a concerned staff member.

What is the Home Care program process?
The typical duration of this program is six months with interim visits scheduled 48 hours in advance. The resident will enter into the Home Care program for a six month period.

Upon entering into the Home Care Program, the resident agrees in writing to cooperate and mitigate any and all conditions resulting from the referral. A progress report will be given to the resident and a copy will be kept on file.

During the six month period, a Housing Authority Representative will work with the family offering suggestions on how to clean, as well as what types of products work best on different surfaces. If by the fourth visit the resident is not complying with the program, the resident may be served a 30 day eviction notice for lease violations.

If all conditions are met after six months, the program will be completed and a written notice of compliance will be given to the resident. If a second referral is issued following completion of the Home Care Program, participation in the program a second time will not be permitted. In this instance residents may be served with a 30 day eviction for Lease violations.

Calling in to report a needed repair in a timely manner…
The resident is expected to keep the unit in a clean, safe and sanitary manner. If you need anything repaired, call (270) 827-1294, the Barret Center office immediately and request a work order. Work Orders received in the morning are usually completed with a 24 hour period. PLEASE keep in mind that situations arise that may delay non-critical work orders. In this instance, the non-critical work order will be done as soon as possible. All emergency work orders are abated within 24 hours.

After Hour Maitenance Emergency Repairs…
For all after hour and weekend emergencies call (270) 827-1294. The answering service will relay the emergency to on-call maintenance personnel.

The Housing Authority recognizes the following as emergencies:

  • Gas Leak
  • No heat in extreme cold weather
  • No air conditioning (elderly and health conditions)
  • Broken water lines
  • Refrigerators (holidays/weekends)
  • No electricity
  • Hot Water tank leaking
  • Stopped up sewer (weekend)
  • Smoke Alarm not working
  • Stopped up Commode

Anytime an emergency call is made and the Housing Authority determines that an emergency did not exist, a $50.00 charge will be assessed for the non-emergency call out.

Cleaning Stove and Range Hood Vent
If food or grease spills, wipe it up right away to prevent grease build-up that will be harder to clean later. When the stove cools down after you’ve finished cooking, clean it off with soap and warm water. For those tough spots, use a non -abrasive cleaner.The range hood vent is located above your stove and usually has a fan and a light. A screen filter covers and protects the fan from grease. Remove the filter screen (it snaps out) and soak and wash with hot, soapy water. When the filter screen is completely dry, snap filter screen back in.

Cleaning Stove Burners
When cleaning the stove burners, make sure that you remove any remaining cleanser that may have clogged up the tiny pilot holes on the burner.

Cleaning Floors
Tile Floors: Do not use any type of abrasive cleaner. Do not pour water straight onto the floor. Apply small amounts of water using a damp mop. This will prevent the tile from coming loose.

Laminate Wood Floors: Use only a damp mop when cleaning the floor. Do not pour any liquids onto the floor. Do not use any type of wax or cleaner on the laminate as this will damage the flooring. Vinegar diluted with water works well as a cleaner for the laminate floors.

Carpeted Floors: Vacuum floors and clean up spills immediately. Do not use any type of powder carpet fresh as it may stain the carpet.

Cleaning Walls
Brush down all cobwebs by using a broom with a cloth wrapped around it. Wash walls from the top to bottom. For walls that are painted, use a non abrasive cleaner or just warm water and soap. Then, wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Wash the doors, window frames and baseboards. Make sure you rinse them with clean water.

Cleaning Windows
Use a clean cloth when washing and drying windows. You can also use newspaper or a squeegee to clean windows. Dishwashing soap diluted in water, Windex, or a little vinegar diluted in water also works well. Remember, clean windows from top to bottom.

Very Important: Never mix cleaning products, this can produce toxic fumes.
Children Helping with Household Chore
It is important to have children participate in cleaning, too. There are many chores children can help with such as dusting, making their bed, picking up dirty clothes and vacuuming. By giving children chores, this will give them a sense of responsibility.